The Genesis Card

A new age of collecting begins now...

Genesis is the first release from Knowa Studios. It is a physical object known amongst collectors as a collectible trading card. Purchase of the trading card enables membership in the Knowa Ecosystem.

The Genesis Card

Genesis is the first limited edition collectible trading card issued by Knowa Studios. It is a real, physical object, delivered to your door, anywhere in the world (except where prohibited by law - see our FAQ for restricted areas like North Korea and others).

Card dimensions are 2-1/2 inches by 3-1/2 inches (standard trading card size).

The trading card is housed in a tamper-proof polycarb holder for protection and counterfeit-thwarting. The overal dimensions including the holder is 3-1/4 inches (80mm) x 5-3/8 inches (135mm) x 1/4 inches (6mm).

It comes in a deluxe presentation box and includes a certificate of authenticity and owner manual. Follow the directions in the owner manual to register ownership and create your free Knowa Vault account. Registration permanently writes your ownership of your specific card into our private digital ledger. 1