New Study Confirms How Collectors Value Their Digital Assets

A new study by metaverse platform Virtua has found that the vast majority of Americans would rather own digital items than stream them (77%), with more than a quarter (28%) spending over $49 a month on the likes of digital art, music, and in-game items.

These findings indicate a shift away from the golden era of streaming, shaped by the likes of Spotify and Netflix, towards a new age in which consumers seek to acquire, store, and curate digital items.

The research, based on a new survey of 2,000 Americans, highlights a strong attachment to digital items – with the majority of those who purchased digital items (65%) valuing them the same as or more than physical items, while more than three quarters (78%) feel emotionally attached to them, further reinforcing the growing importance of digital products in our lives.

As many corporate techno-businesses prepare to launch their own metaverses, it is important to understand how values around digital items – the ‘possessions’ we will own and take into the metaverse – are evolving. With the introduction of Web 3.0, the meteoric rise of digital collectibles, and the dawn of the metaverse, collectors will value their digital items more than ever before.”

The study found that when it comes to relationships, among Americans who purchased digital items, 70% say they connect better with others through their digital items than physical ones, while a further nine in ten (89%) agreed that losing their digital items would be upsetting.

American respondents also stated that some of the reasons they like to own digital items include that they remind them of important moments in their lives (87%), and help create the perception of who they want to be (73%).