Welcome to Clown Town — the Scary Clown Metaverse!

Jon Warren

Imagine a time when collectors of Scary Clowns have a virtual world to play in. Collectors could buy a Scary Clown Persona and take it into the Scary Clown Metaverse, where they enjoy Metaverse Experiences from Scary Clown short films (starring their persona).

Our vision here at Knowa Studios is to create these Personai and Metaverse Experiences. The purchase of a limited edition collector card (the real, physical object) will be the passport into this Metaverse. There will be short films that automatically become extended scenes (or experiences) in a Metaverse when launched from within the Knowa App. To add new experiences, owners have the opportunity to own new short films which can then be experienced (as a first person experience) in an extended version of the scene.

Soon, 5 years maybe, playing around in various Metaverses will be a thing, and our goal here at Knowa Studios is to be a player in this new arena. We plan to create short films that become "In Metaverse" experiences. A persona (such as a Scary Clown persona) will live an extended version of the scene in the Scary Clown metaverse. Stringing multiple short clips together creates the extended experience. This is the long-term vision of what we are trying to do.

All of this is pie-in-the-sky stuff which might never come to be. We may find that nobody wants to buy the physical collector card object we sell, but rather just the digital version of it. Who knows? Or it may all hit the ground with a resounding thud and die on the vine (sorry for the mixed metaphor).

Baby steps. First things first. But this is the vision.