We see the future...and it is awesome!

Jon Warren

In the future, films will be first person. What does that mean? It means you — YOU! — will actually participate in the action of the film. This is a glimpse into the digital future everyone is calling The Metaverse. I prefer the plural, because there will be many metaverses. And, in fact, I prefer the term IMAGINARY WORLDS over metaverses or virtual worlds, or any of the other buzzwords floating around today. Using our imaginations is the essence of being human.

So...let's imagine a Halloween imaginary world. In it, there would be skeletons, witches, goblins, jack-o-lanterns, black cats, and all the characters you would expect. The theme or genre would be HORROR - so scary stuff is going to happen. If you want comedy, go to the Clowns Metaverse. The skeleton "clan" could have characters like Bones, Rattler, Shake and others. Each could have powers and weaknesses. Each could have rarity determined by the size of the print run of the Knowa collector card. The witches clan could band together to wreak havoc, flying around on their brooms and scaring the daylights out of the children (what fun!).

The question of what players can do in the Halloween metaverse is TBD at this point - this is called Game Play and I am still learning this area (I am a film buff, not a gamer). The infancy of metaverse tech has all of us programming geeks scratching our heads and wondering what the hell we are going to do once we get inside a metaverse. The key is going to be programmable metaverse accessible to non-programmers. The scene and its actions by players might be hard-coded or possibly controlled by AI randomness. Invoking the Scene File will take the players through the events and actions programmed into the scene. Those who for years have programmed in the online gaming world have a clear head start, because metaverse will draw much from online games. Access to the various metaverses will be limited to those possessing the proper NFTs.

Our roadmap? i envision a metaverse platform where we define roles, scenes and settings programmatically. Then Knowa collectibles owners can enter a Knowa Metaverse and launch a scene by proving their rights via Non-Fungible Token. They will invite other owners to be players in the scene (or arrange participation in advance). A scene in a metaverse can be thought of as an experience. Like in a movie, a scene can be part of a longer production, an experience can stand alone or be strung together in sequence to build a full-length experience. A few scenes strung together could comprise a short film. The difference is the film happens in real time and is a first person experience rather than a third person one like in today's movies. That is the potential of metaverse as I see it. Whether we can get there remains to be "scene"!