How do we feel about NFTs?

Jon Warren

Someone asked me the other day: What do I think about NFTs? I gave a dismissive answer something along the lines of “I wouldn’t buy them right now.”. Afterwards, I played the “shoulda said” game and thought I should have given a deeper, more profound answer. Because my feelings about NFTs and Digital Collectibles are still coalescing. After thinking about it more deeply, here is what I really think:

1. NFTs and the secondary market for them is in its infancy,

2. They are evolving, as is the whole work flow surrounding the buying and selling of them,

3. They must overcome some major hurdles in order to gain mainstream traction,

4. They will eventually overcome these current obstacles to mass adoption and acceptance,

5. They will become mainstream,

6. There will be a real, vibrant, mainstream market for NFTs in the not-too-distant future.

7. NFTs will be used to represent both physical and digital collectibles as well as other non-collectible things.

8. We at Knowa will be there.