Knowa DNA — Our Embedded Authenticity Mechanism

Jon Warren

knowa DNA

Knowa Studios ® is pleased to announce that KNOWA DNA is embedded in all our physical collectibles.

Knowa DNA is our name for the unique QR code printed on all Knowa Physical Collectibles. It is an encrypted token unlike anything in the market today. The purpose of this code is to provide greater security, as well as convenience, and transparency, to the Knowa collecting community. Collectors can scan the QR code for quick access to a collectible’s information or to add it to their Knowa Vault.

This industry-first feature provides quick access to important information, as well as providing increased security for owners. Owners can to scan the QR code with their smart phones to access the collectible's unique confidential ledger record. Besides serving as a checksum verification mechanism, this digital certificate is the gateway to other collecting opportunities available to owners only.

Knowa is proud to protect collectors with this groundbreaking technology. It's one more way that Knowa Collectibles are built from the ground up with security and authenticity in mind.