About Knowa

Knowa is an art studio that produces beautiful objects to thrill the senses. Knowa both produces objects and partners with other creators to help them create Knowa Objects which we offer through our dealer network.


Our mission is to issue and protect authenticity of Knowa objects and to partner with creators to produce Beautiful Things.


Knowa partners with creators who create new Knowa. Creators are welcome to submit ideas for admission to the Knowa metaverse.


Objects are tangible and physical. Unlike NFTs, owners can touch and possess Knowa objects and enjoy their awesomeness in hand.


Sales of Knowa objet d'art occur through private agents. Releases are announced periodically. Available to investors worldwide, there are no boundaries to Knowa ownership.


Each Knowa is accompanied by a certificate of title (the passport), which proves ownership and registration in the private ledger. Do not lose your passport!


Knowa maintains our private blockchain ledger and other protections of uniqueness through a proprietary system of attribute authentication and counterfeit thwartation.


Knowa are delivered via registered mail in the continental United States and International Registered Mail worldwide. Shipment is handled by private agent.

Become an Owner

New releases are announced periodically. To receive news of new releases send email to news@Knowa.com.

Become a Creator

If you think your work is potential as Knowa objet d'art, please send fax to 202-854-9582 attention Seka Knowa.