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Knowa Studios ® is pleased to announce that KNOWA DNA is embedded in all our physical collectibles. Knowa DNA is our name for the unique QR code printed on all Knowa Physical Collectibles. It is an encrypted token unlike anything in the market today. The purpose of this code is to provide greater security, as well as convenience, and transparency, to the Knowa collecting community. Collectors can scan the QR code for quick access to a collectible’s information or to add it to their Knowa Vault.This industry-first feature provides quick access to important information, as well as providing increased security for owners. Owners can to scan the QR code with their smart phones to access the collectible's unique confidential ledger record. Besides serving as a checksum verification mechanism, this digital certificate is the gateway to other collecting opportunities available to owners only.Knowa is proud to protect collectors with this groundbreaking technology. It's one more way that Knowa Collectibles are built from the ground up with security and authenticity in mind.
Someone asked me the other day: What do I think about NFTs? I gave a dismissive answer something along the lines of “I wouldn’t buy them right now.”. Afterwards, I played the “shoulda said” game and thought I should have given a deeper, more profound answer. Because my feelings about NFTs and Digital Collectibles are still coalescing. After thinking about it more deeply, here is what I really think:1. NFTs and the secondary market for them is in its infancy,2. They are evolving, as is the whole work flow surrounding the buying and selling of them,3. They must overcome some major hurdles in order to gain mainstream traction,4. They will eventually overcome these current obstacles to mass adoption and acceptance,5. They will become mainstream,6. There will be a real, vibrant, mainstream market for NFTs in the not-too-distant future.7. NFTs will be used to represent both physical and digital collectibles as well as other non-collectible things.8. We at Knowa will be there.
There is a whole new world of collectibles about to begin. It includes traditional physical objects, like cards or coins, but also digital assets like certificates of ownership, NFTs and the Metaverse. Collectibles, NFTs and the Metaverse will compliment each other very well. A real object like a collector card has been the traditional investment in collectibles, and now NFTs provide a unique way to own digital assets. Metaverse provides the infrastructure for possessing and transferring those assets. NFTs can be used to represent any type of digital asset, from in-game items to art and collectibles. Metaverse will provide the means for those assets to be stored, transferred, and traded securely and efficiently. Together, NFTs and Metaverse will create a new economy for digital assets that is more powerful and secure than anything that exists today. Nft and metaverse will compliment each other in many ways. NFTs can be used to represent digital assets in the Metaverse, which will add a layer of realism and immersion to the experience. NFTs can also be used to create unique experiences, such as virtual concerts or art galleries. In addition, NFTs can be used to reward players for their achievements in a Metaverse, or even act as a passport into it. This will provide an incentive for players to explore and interact with the virtual world. Finally, NFTs can be traded or sold in the Metaverse, providing a way for players to monetize their time in the world. All of these factors will contribute to making the Metaverse a more robust and enjoyable experience for all involved.Knowa Studios envisions this future, and we hope to be a part of it. Please join us.
In the future, films will be first person. What does that mean? It means you — YOU! — will actually participate in the action of the film. This is a glimpse into the digital future everyone is calling The Metaverse. I prefer the plural, because there will be many metaverses. And, in fact, I prefer the term IMAGINARY WORLDS over metaverses or virtual worlds, or any of the other buzzwords floating around today. Using our imaginations is the essence of being human.So...let's imagine a Halloween imaginary world. In it, there would be skeletons, witches, goblins, jack-o-lanterns, black cats, and all the characters you would expect. The theme or genre would be HORROR - so scary stuff is going to happen. If you want comedy, go to the Clowns Metaverse. The skeleton "clan" could have characters like Bones, Rattler, Shake and others. Each could have powers and weaknesses. Each could have rarity determined by the size of the print run of the Knowa collector card. The witches clan could band together to wreak havoc, flying around on their brooms and scaring the daylights out of the children (what fun!).The question of what players can do in the Halloween metaverse is TBD at this point - this is called Game Play and I am still learning this area (I am a film buff, not a gamer). The infancy of metaverse tech has all of us programming geeks scratching our heads and wondering what the hell we are going to do once we get inside a metaverse. The key is going to be programmable metaverse accessible to non-programmers. The scene and its actions by players might be hard-coded or possibly controlled by AI randomness. Invoking the Scene File will take the players through the events and actions programmed into the scene. Those who for years have programmed in the online gaming world have a clear head start, because metaverse will draw much from online games. Access to the various metaverses will be limited to those possessing the proper NFTs.Our roadmap? i envision a metaverse platform where we define roles, scenes and settings programmatically. Then Knowa collectibles owners can enter a Knowa Metaverse and launch a scene by proving their rights via Non-Fungible Token. They will invite other owners to be players in the scene (or arrange participation in advance). A scene in a metaverse can be thought of as an experience. Like in a movie, a scene can be part of a longer production, an experience can stand alone or be strung together in sequence to build a full-length experience. A few scenes strung together could comprise a short film. The difference is the film happens in real time and is a first person experience rather than a third person one like in today's movies. That is the potential of metaverse as I see it. Whether we can get there remains to be "scene"!
A new study by metaverse platform Virtua has found that the vast majority of Americans would rather own digital items than stream them (77%), with more than a quarter (28%) spending over $49 a month on the likes of digital art, music, and in-game items. These findings indicate a shift away from the golden era of streaming, shaped by the likes of Spotify and Netflix, towards a new age in which consumers seek to acquire, store, and curate digital items. The research, based on a new survey of 2,000 Americans, highlights a strong attachment to digital items – with the majority of those who purchased digital items (65%) valuing them the same as or more than physical items, while more than three quarters (78%) feel emotionally attached to them, further reinforcing the growing importance of digital products in our lives. As many corporate techno-businesses prepare to launch their own metaverses, it is important to understand how values around digital items – the ‘possessions’ we will own and take into the metaverse – are evolving. With the introduction of Web 3.0, the meteoric rise of digital collectibles, and the dawn of the metaverse, collectors will value their digital items more than ever before.”The study found that when it comes to relationships, among Americans who purchased digital items, 70% say they connect better with others through their digital items than physical ones, while a further nine in ten (89%) agreed that losing their digital items would be upsetting. American respondents also stated that some of the reasons they like to own digital items include that they remind them of important moments in their lives (87%), and help create the perception of who they want to be (73%).
All Knowa Collectibles arrive in deluxe presentation boxes that support the exclusivity of the object.Choosing the packaging can be extremely important when it comes to marketing a company, as boxes and packaging are often associated with different emotions, values or symbols. These three designer brands successfully used color to market their items through their iconic boxes.Tiffany BlueIn 1845, company founder Charles Lewis Tiffany chose the shade of blue now known as Tiffany Blue for the cover of the first catalog in which Tiffany presented its annual jewelry collection. The robin egg blue struck a chord with the public, perhaps since turquoise was incredibly popular in the 19th century, as it was believed to have talismanic qualities.Over time, the hue of the Blue Book was used in other areas at Tiffany, most notably for the packaging, leading to the birth of the Tiffany Blue Box. The Tiffany Blue Box soon became the most coveted box in the world, and in 1906 the New York Sun reported: "Tiffany has an object in store which you cannot buy, no matter how much money you bid, only he can give it to you. And this is one of his boxes.”Cartier RedRed is the color of love and the color of Cartier's jewelry boxes, marking the company as the jeweler of love. Reminiscent of 18th-century splendor, the octagonal jewelry cases made of Moroccan leather with gold garlands have become synonymous around the world with giving a loved one something special.The company, which was founded in Paris in 1847, initially focused on cases in black, olive green and pink tones, until the elegant shade of deep red finally prevailed in the 1930s. The interior is either white or black velvet, depending on what better showcases the piece of jewelry inside.Hermès OrangeThe signature shade of luxury leather goods manufacturer Hermès came about in a time that had absolutely nothing to do with glamor: World War II. In 1942 there was a shortage of materials everywhere in Paris, and Hermès also felt compelled to replace the cream color of its boxes, which had been the norm until then. What was still available was an orange shade and Hermès grabbed it, little knowing that this orange would eventually become synonymous with the brand.Today, the boxes at Hermès Orange come in 188 different sizes, so that customers can safely bring their newly acquired treasures home in them, from silk scarves to the legendary Birkin bag. Only their furniture has to do without the signature orange, as Hermès admits on its website.The boxes from Tiffany, Cartier, and Hermès also play an important role on the auction market. It can make a big difference if an object is offered with or without the original box, especially when it comes to wristwatches. But the boxes are also becoming increasingly popular as collector's items on their own and are sometimes auctioned by themselves, an alternative for luxury lovers on a budget. — credit: Barnebys
August 8, 2022 — Today we reveal a bit more about our plan and vision for Knowa Collectibles.Our first release is a limited edition trading card titled GENESIS. You can see the preliminary designs here The Genesis card is a standard trading card size of 2-1/2 inches by 3-1/2 inches. In its secure holder the overall dimensions are 3-1/4 inches by 5-3/8 inches by 1/4 inches (80mm x 135mm x 6mm). The card in its holder is the same size as a collectible trading card in a PSA or CSG holder.A limited edition of only 1000 Genesis cards will ever be produced. Each buyer will receive more than just a card. The card will arrive in a deluxe presentation box and include a certificate of authenticity and an owner's manual. The owner manual guides the owner on how to take their Knowa Card into the digital world and unlock added features only available digitally. Registering creates the Member Account in the Knowa App where owners can view their collection and unlock special digital-only versions of their collectibles. The card is the passport into the Knowa Ecosystem and future Knowa Metaverses.Knowa Collectibles will be sold on eBay and the eCommerce site with initial launch and sales to begin fourth quarter 2022. International orders will be accepted.Early adopters of these new collectibles will have a ground floor opportunity to own a brand new type of collectible unlike anything currently on the market today. We expect an active secondary market to develop and prices to go up.
Imagine a time when collectors of Scary Clowns have a virtual world to play in. Collectors could buy a Scary Clown Persona and take it into the Scary Clown Metaverse, where they enjoy Metaverse Experiences from Scary Clown short films (starring their persona).Our vision here at Knowa Studios is to create these Personai and Metaverse Experiences. The purchase of a limited edition collector card (the real, physical object) will be the passport into this Metaverse. There will be short films that automatically become extended scenes (or experiences) in a Metaverse when launched from within the Knowa App. To add new experiences, owners have the opportunity to own new short films which can then be experienced (as a first person experience) in an extended version of the scene. Soon, 5 years maybe, playing around in various Metaverses will be a thing, and our goal here at Knowa Studios is to be a player in this new arena. We plan to create short films that become "In Metaverse" experiences. A persona (such as a Scary Clown persona) will live an extended version of the scene in the Scary Clown metaverse. Stringing multiple short clips together creates the extended experience. This is the long-term vision of what we are trying to do.All of this is pie-in-the-sky stuff which might never come to be. We may find that nobody wants to buy the physical collector card object we sell, but rather just the digital version of it. Who knows? Or it may all hit the ground with a resounding thud and die on the vine (sorry for the mixed metaphor).Baby steps. First things first. But this is the vision.
August 1, 2022 — Today is a major milestone in our progress towards production. Our encapsulation machines arrived from China, after nearly 4 months of waiting. Now we can begin prototyping our real world objects...the physical half of the Knowa Collectibles Ecosystem.
In the future, ownership will be recorded as an owner/object pair in a distributed database, or blockchain. For example, vehicle titles will be recorded in a blockchain instead of printed on paper. Ownership transfers will create “immutable provenance” – a digital chain of ownership. Ownership of all sorts of things will be recorded in a blockchain instead of a traditional centralized database.Knowa will be among the first companies to register Digital Certificates of Authenticity (COA) for physical objects into a blockchain. We call these Certificates of Authenticity "Ownership Tokens."