How Does Collecting Knowa Work?

Knowa Cards are unique in the collecting world today. Our collector cards are real physical things delivered to your door. They are not "virtual."

Each Knowa Card is encapsulated in our tamper-proof polycarbonate holder and has our patented qr-token technology imprinted. The card is housed in a deluxe presentation box and includes our Certificate of Authenticity and Owner Manual.

Every card is released in a strictly limited edition.

New Knowa Cards are released on a regular basis. As sales occur, we register the owner information in our private database. Because we maintain this database of all sales, from the very beginning we know WHO the owner is and which specific edition of the collectible the owner possesses. This is because every Knowa Card is encoded with a tokenized unique global identifier which we call Knowa DNA. It is not an NFT, but it does make use of sophisticated crytography without requiring crypto-currency or blockchain.

Buyers Become Members of the Knowa Collector Club

New collectors can choose to use the Knowa Connect app to register ownership of their collectible. It is not required, but highly recommended.

When new collectors join the club, they register ownership using the QR code claiming technique described in their Owner Manual (included with every purchase). By registering, the owner becomes "official" and is recognized as a member of the Knowa Collector Club and an owner of a specific collectible. This begins the provenance of their item.

Knowa Cards — Real Rare Objects

knowa collectibles

A Knwoa Card is a real trading card. In its secure holder the overall dimensions are 3-¼ inches by 5-⅜ inches by ¼ inches (80mm x 135mm x 6mm). The card in its holder is the same size as a collectible trading card in a PSA or CSG holder. The card itself measures 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches.

Exciting Collecting Potential

Knowa Cards are real, rare, and tradeable.

We believe Knowa Cards present collectors with new ways to own objects that are both real and rare. Rarity means every collectible has a small supply due to its limited edition. Because of their rarity, we believe Knowa Cards could become popular with collectors seeking something new. As demand grows, our cards could go up in value.

Knowa is real. This means Knowa trading cards are not fake or digital. You can hold them. They are of the physical world. We believe the current NFT craze will subside and fade away because the artists and collectors will not profit, only the promoters of the marketplaces will. But collecting will always be with us, because it is in human nature to seek to own beautiful things. Satisfaction comes with the physical act of "possessing", so digital art on a screen can never be as satisfying as a real object, in our opinion.

Knowa is tradeable. This means every Knowa is a tangible, physical asset that can be sold and transferred to a new owner for a profit. The goal for collectors seeking to make money from Knowa is to follow standard trading strategies, start early, buy low, sell high, or hold for the long term gain.

We hope you will become a Knowa collector and join us as an early adopter. The future is bright. Start your collection today!