Here represented are the terms and definitions of the knowa language.


A snowflake possesses the attribute of absolutism. It is unique without doubt.


Authenticis occurs when authorities affirm genuity of tangible asset.

Birth Date

The date/time attribute when a new object inserts into the knowa blockchain thus joining the eternal universe of knowa.


Certainty comes from the calmness of absolutism, the knowledge that something is truly real.

Exchange Rate

The amount of one thing exchanged for one knowa object. If a seller agrees to exchange a knowa object for one ounce of gold, this is the exchange rate, (1 knowa = 1 troz au).


Real assets possess the attribute of genuity. Consensus among authorities affirm genuity (authenticis).


A market exists when one human is the buyer and another is the seller. A market is made when buyer and seller agree to an exchange of one knowa object for another thing of value.


All knowa objects are members (citizens) of the knowa blockchain. Owners of knowa possess physical documentmentation (passports) which are proof of citizenship. Owners can prove citizenship of their knowa, possess property rights, and thus may transfer ownership. Passport is conceptually identical to a Land Deed or Certificate of Title.


The exchange of knowa ownership from one human being to another.


All knowa possess the attribute of uniquity. In other words, knowa are one-of-a-kind real objects. Owners hold knowa in hand and enjoy the awesomeness. Knowa are not digital goods nor non-fungible tokens (nft).