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We curate hand-made or home-made goods of the highest quality. Categories will include things appealing to collectors, connoisseurs, and gourmet taste.

Each category includes exemplars of a specific art form. For example, Knowa Art Tiles are works that appeal to art collectors and connoisseurs of the fine arts.

Visual Arts

Works of art are most often thought of as visual in nature. Physical objects such as paintings are obvious examples of visual art, but also we have sculpture, jewelry, art glass, ceramics, wood, and other beautiful things made in many media, all of which appeal to the sense of sight and thus are exemplars of the Visual Arts.

Musical Arts

This category includes objects that encapsulate music or sound in a physical way. A Knowa Object of this type might produce sound, or could be a player of recorded sound.

Olfactory Arts

Olfactory art is an art form that uses scent as a medium. Olfactory art includes perfume as well as other applications of scent. Perfumists masterworks are often more valuable than gold. The art form has been recognized as an art form since at least 1980.

Culinary Arts

The art of flavor is also referred to as Culinary Art. Masters of this art form produce deliciousness and things that appeal to our sense of taste.

Textile Arts

Masters of textiles and design create amazing physical objects in fabric. They take cotton or silk or other fibers and weave magnificent creations that appeal to our sense of touch. Masters of Fashion Design are artisans in this category.