What is bitArt?

bitArt is a new kind of limited edition trading card from Knowa Studios, an art and collectibles studio near Nashville. We are industry insiders with 40 years of expertise, but bitArt is a new chapter for us. Learn who we are, our plan for artists and collectors, and where you fit in.


Begin your quest!

Buy your first bitArt. Receive in the mail. Scan the QR CODE. Now it's claimed in Knowa Connect. Manage your collection in app. Then buy, sell, and trade with other collectors!




Metaverse Series

Strawberry Fields

Night Cafe Series


Sarah 32

Martian Mauler

Mark Salter Lucha Libre
Martian Mauler

First Mate

Peter Driben

Fractal Decisions

Jeremy Smith MathArt Series

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